Book matched Slabs now for sale + Updates

We are now offering Bookmatched Walnut slab table tops on the site. Purchase them as is or we can make a table for you. If you are a large woodworking shop and would like to purchase the lot as well as other sets, please contact us for more information. 


We have some large trees coming through the yard soon. 42" x 10' longs slabs of Butternut are in the works, as well as some large Walnut slabs. There is still time to get in on these but hurry, as the list is filling up fast. 

The Nyle Kiln is running now until mid-August. If you would like to throw in some lumber in our next run please let me know. We should have some 2"Walnut and Butternut in there. 

We will be showcasing our new line and slabs at the Fine Furnishing show in Pawtucket RI on November 4-6 2016. If you're interested in going let me know, I have some VIP passes I can give you. We will also be having an after party, so stay tuned for more on that (might just end up at Doherty's).  

We still have a good amount of Wormy Ambrosia Maple. Please let me know if your interested as it would make beautiful flooring, paneling, or cabinetry. $2-$3 board foot. 

Thanks as always for the support and we cant wait to hear from you soon!