Introducing the newest addition to HW

The SEBA Line

Handcrafted furniture made from 100% locally harvested trees in New England since 2011.

Watch a video about our story:

When we started way back when, we would pick boards from a rack. Now we are going out in our communities and digging out trees that come down every day. It just made sense to start using this sustainable resource.
— Marc Stimpson, Founder

Making custom, hand-crafted furniture from locally salvaged trees.


We make one of a kind tables and slab tables for homes in New England and beyond. We have custom pieces in a variety of sizes, styles and species available for delivery in our showroom for purchase


We can work directly from concept to install. We can work with your design, or build a custom solution for you. With our sawmill, anything is possible.



We are New-England's premier vertically integrated woodshop. Everything we build was milled and dried by us. Our custom kitchen cabinets are no exception. Contact us to learn more about our custom cabinetry.