Armoire or Wardrobe? Either way, they are here!

The Wardrobe is something that I have doodled for years now. I always thought it would be one of the best showcases for the wood. I have to admit, the storage and use was an afterthought. That was quickly resolved once I jotted down my design from my head to paper. The idea of having everything I use in one cabinet gave me a feeling of joy. Don’t just take my word for it, in Em Henderson’s most recent Blog post “Why You Should Be Using Armoires In Every Room” she says:

It’s one of those pieces that are often overlooked, but let’s all agree to stop that right now and consider the armoire.

Even though we didn’t make the list, It shows that there is a great use for these pieces in your home. And I think ours is the best!

After designing our wardrobe I knew I wanted it to be one of a kind. Even though this would inherently raise the cost, I felt it was important to let the wood tell a story. In our launch of the “SEBA” Wardrobe line we introduced a reclaimed wood option. The previous summer we had taken down a large barn that was built in 1780 and was falling apart. It was an endeavor and an adventure. At the time I had no idea what I would use the wood for but knew I wanted it to be special. Reclaimed wood is extremely difficult to work with. It is dirty (dulls the knives), contains big cracks and voids/rot, weathered differently (N,S,E,W Building Sides). But there is absolutely no denying the beauty and character that comes from this lumber. I will say this, I have enough reclaimed material to make more wardrobes but Im not going into barn demo! Call it a limited series if you will. Even though we built the outside of the wardrobe in reclaimed wood, everything on the inside is new. The drawer boxes are new dovetailed white oak solid 5/8”bottoms to resist sagging. The runners are all top of the line Blum soft-close (sorry purists).

The thought of buying a custom piece like this can seem expensive. I like to think of it as an investment. It is something that you will use for the foreseeable future. It will help you stay looking good and organized. Provides something beautiful to look at on a daily basis. And when you move, you can take it with you. I also love the idea of handing this piece down from generation to generation.

Pricing for our wardrobes starts at $6500 and up. We can use any material that you see in our other furniture in addition to the reclaimed. We also offer other sizes and configurations. If you are interested in having us make a Wardrobe or would like more information please feel free to contact us.