Founded by furniture maker Marc Stimpson in 2011. Hopes Woodshop is New Englands best choice for custom furniture. 


Our mission is to build fine furniture, sustainably harvest our lumber, and remain true to the process. 

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Marc Stimpson
Founder, Lumberjack of all trades


Dale Stimpson
Sawmill Operator and Installation Master


Meet The Team

Melissa Stimpson

Oona Robertson




Part Time Furniture Maker

Hopes Woodshop is seeking a skilled and energetic candidate for a part time position. We specialize in table manufacturing. Candidates must have prior experience in a woodshop. You will be responsible for bringing each piece from concept to final design utilizing both hand tools and power tools. Patience and attention to detail are a must for each project. You also must be committed to the craft, and being a valuable member of the team. If you feel you possess these qualities and would make good fit, please submit your resume.